Praying for Revival

Our family is currently attending Lighthouse Baptist Church in Mustang, OK with Pastor Rick Carter. He is gearing the church up for the fall revival, and he is doing something I have been impressed with. Instead of just asking the church to "pray for revival", he is actively leading them to pray for revival in the following ways:

Week One - Self Examination Pastor asked us to read a booklet of self-examination (handed out in church service), a sort of diary/Bible study on hindrances to prayer. He asked for volunteers during the service, and the following week, handed out the booklets to everyone who said they would read it and pray this week, alone, for revival. Psalms 66:18

Week Two - Prayer Partners Pastor asked for volunteers who would pray with a prayer partner once a day through-out the coming week (meeting in person, or by phone). As ladies and men stood, he paired them up with someone they might not normally have a friendship with, and asked them to get together after the service to decide on a time and location/method to pray together every day. This is an excellent tool not only for praying in pairs, but also as a reminder to take time to pray every day. Matthew 18:19

Week Three - Cottage Prayer Meetings Pastor asked people to volunteer to open their homes every day of the week for church members to congregate at in prayer for revival.

Week Four - Round The Clock Prayer On the final week, we are going to be praying as a church on a schedule 24 hours a day. I don't know yet what kind of impact this will have on our Fall Revival, but I do know that it has already begun revival in my heart, and my thought is that it was a good idea to share.

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